Summer Series Mini-sode Ep. 2
ThereafterJune 22, 202300:51:4748.05 MB

Summer Series Mini-sode Ep. 2

Welcome to our summer mini-sodes! We have decided to be done with Season 3 but don’t want to go all summer without hanging out and connecting with all of you, so we’ve decided to do mini-sodes that will pretty much just be our Twit-Bits segment of the show each week (or as close to weekly as we can manage during the busy summer! We hope this way we can stay connected with listeners even while on our break between seasons!

We’ll be back with full episodes including guest interview when we launch Season 4 or the pod this fall! 

Until then, enjoy this summer series of mini-sodes! 

If you're looking for the podcast interview with Meghan she mentioned in the episode you can find it here:

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