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Leaving a church and the comfort of a religious community can be a very lonely journey. We are always looking for ways to provide a sense of camaraderie for our listeners and our fellow podcasters, both within and outside of the Dauntless Media Collective.

To that end, we’ve developed the Dauntless Media Collective Discord server, where people can gather and converse away from the watchful eye of their Evangelical or Fundamentalist friends and family who might be keeping tabs on their Facebook profiles. Our Discord server is a great place for folks on deconstruction journeys to meet others on similar journeys, share their stories, and therapeutically vent about the challenges they face as they leave their traditions of origin.

Each Dauntless podcast also has a chat channel dedicated to conversations about their specific podcast. So if you have a favorite podcast, feel free to chat about the latest episode—or any episode, for that matter—in that podcast's chat channel!

You can join the server by clicking here or going to dauntless.fm/discord-server.

How to use Discord

If you've never joined a Discord server before, it can feel a bit intimidating. Here's a video tutorial to help you get started in our server.