Who We Are & What We Do

Dauntless Media Collective is a network of content creators working towards a more just world. Many of us have seen the incredible harm done in the name of religion, and we want to shine a light on the systems and structures perpetuating that harm and calling them to task.

Whether we're analyzing niche cults with small, yet rabid adherents, or massive megachurch empires with global influence, we want to provide insight on the ideas that destroy lives, the systems that crush entire races, and the beliefs that oppress people for their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

Each of us is learning and growing, and we hope you'll come alongside us for the journey. Whether you're someone who survived evangelicalism or other Christian cult, or you just want to gain insight into how to better ally with those who have historically been (and are currently being) marginalized by religious groups, we think you'll find content here that will educate, engage, or enlighten you.

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