074 - Jennifer C. Martin | Polyamory and The Many Ways We Can Love
ThereafterFebruary 14, 2023x
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074 - Jennifer C. Martin | Polyamory and The Many Ways We Can Love

Today's guest is the one and only Jennifer C. Martin, and we couldn't be more excited for her to be our Valentine's Day guest! She is a writer and editor living in Richmond, Virginia with her two partners, two children, and two pets. A former Pentecostal and current member of the United Church of Christ, she writes on religion, theology, sexuality, culture, entertainment, parenting, and polyamory. Her work has been featured in Insider, New York Times, Jezebel, Sojourners, Time magazine, and more. You can subscribe to her Substack, Dirtbag Christian, or check out jennifercmartin.com to catch up on all her latest writings and find her on social media. In her free time she loves baking, fermenting things, gaming, binging TV shows, reading, leftist politics, and yoga.

Make sure you follow her on all her socials which can all be found on her LinkTree: https://linktr.ee/jennifercmartin

As always we ramble on at the beginning of the episode for our #TwitBits segment where we talk about the latest social happenings! If you want to skip straight to the interview you can jump ahead to 28:38. 

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