Trailer: Leaving The Village Returns!
Leaving The VillageJune 24, 202300:01:182.39 MB

Trailer: Leaving The Village Returns!

Jessica Goforth (she/her)Jessica Goforth (she/her)Host
Alexis Grey (they/them)Alexis Grey (they/them)Host

Have you seen the Amazon Prime docuseries Shiny Happy People? Were you shocked to hear the wholesome, American Duggar family was involved in a cult? A cult full of abuse, sex, and religious trauma. A cult that claimed to educate children and planned to use them to take over the world.Have you wished you could sit down with an IBLP survivor and hear more of the story? Join hosts Jessica Goforth and Alexis Grey on Leaving the Village, a podcast by IBLP survivors centering their lived experiences and shining a light on all the hidden torment and harm they endured growing up in the cult shown on the groundbreaking docuseries. We have exclusive interviews with cast members where we laugh and cry and go behind the scenes with them as we discuss our shared experiences. If watching the documentary left you wanting more, check out Leaving The Village on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or on your favorite podcast platform.

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