S2.E26: After Hours with Matt Kendziera The Author and Drummer ex-Pastor
Chapel ProbationDecember 22, 2022x
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S2.E26: After Hours with Matt Kendziera The Author and Drummer ex-Pastor

Scott OkamotoScott OkamotoHost

Matt Kendziera is a writer, podcaster, and drummer who has lived an amazing life full of growth and change. And like all of us on Chapel Probation, he has had trouble with the evangelicals. But despite the hard times, Matt is a supremely positive person with a personality that draws people in, allowing them to tell their stories. His book, Bring it Home: The Adventure of Finding Yourself After Being Lost in Religion is out now, and it's a lovely read. You get a sense of nostalgia for childhood and youth, and you get Matt's story of experiencing various christian faiths before leaving most of it to create his own identity. There are many similarities to my own book in the themes, but readers of Matt's book will get a great sense of the midwest and the culture therein. And Matt's podcast, Chasing Goodness is an inspiring conversation between deep thinking people who have experienced a lot of life. 

Matt reflects on his own Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship experience, and relates his life to the themes of Chapel Probation. A really great conversation.

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