Chapel Probation s3 Valentine's Day Special
Chapel ProbationFebruary 13, 2024x
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Chapel Probation s3 Valentine's Day Special

It's a bromance that eclipses the love of women. It's playful, raw, and unabashed. God has made men in his image, and that image is good, so young christian men at evangelical schools not only proudly display their dicks and balls, they create ways to interact with them. In this episode, we look at the practices and we laugh a little, but we also worry that this entitled, rather domineering display of manhood might have sadder and more insidious implications. These are christian men, after.

We are joined by Tori and Justin on the Go Home Bible, You're Drunk podcast, Nate Nakao of the Full Mutuality podcast, and Jeremiah and Julia of the Sexvangelicals podcast. And go back to some old clips of this subject and even revisit some guests to talk more about dicks and balls.

At the end there is a bonus segment with Hope and Nicole and BJ, reacting to the episode as only they can.

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