Chapel Probation s3- Tim Mills- The Harmonic Atheist (BJU)
Chapel ProbationDecember 27, 2023x
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Chapel Probation s3- Tim Mills- The Harmonic Atheist (BJU)

It may seem a little harsh to post an episode the day after xmas with the creator of the Harmonic Atheist youtube channel, it just kinda worked out that way. Tim Mills is a self-described atheist who, like so many others this season, devoted his life to absolute adherence to fundamentalist Christianity. But his quest for the truth ultimately led him right out of faith, despite the horrible cost of losing friends and family. But he's doing good work, hosting the conversations that need to be had and pointing out the dangers of fundamentalist religion.

Here's the link to the Bill Zuersher video mentioned in the episode

UPDATE: in the original version of this episode during the first break, I incorrectly said that the bible was not written in Greek. I was dead wrong. I apologize. I misremembered some Bart Ehrman passages about the futility of learning the original languages because we still don't know who wrote them and we don't have anything close to original manuscripts. That's what happens when I rant about something I read 20 years ago. I've corrected the rant.

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