Chapel Probation s3- The Sexvangelicals- Jeremiah and Julia
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Chapel Probation s3- The Sexvangelicals- Jeremiah and Julia

Christian colleges often tout their illustrious alumni who accomplish great things in the christian world. Jeremiah and Julia won't likely be listed in such lists for Abilene Christian or Calvin college. That's because they are licensed sex therapists who promote sexual wellbeing in all of its forms. Their podcast, the Sexvangelicals, is a great look into unpacking religious trauam when it comes to sex and sexuality, and a resource for people looking to expand their understanding of sex and sexuality. Here they talk about their religious backgrounds and how they found their way out to do the very important work they do today.

In the conversation, Soulforce comes up, so here's the episode with AE Scott who went on the early bus rides and helped form the community that would become Haven at APU.

And for more sex therapy resources, check out Erica Smith and Dr. Tina Schermer Sellers.

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