Chapel Probation s3- Ryan Mulkowski- IFB, Pensacola, Liberty to Loss of Faith
Chapel ProbationDecember 19, 2023x
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Chapel Probation s3- Ryan Mulkowski- IFB, Pensacola, Liberty to Loss of Faith

Once again, we have someone who did everything humanly possible to be a devout, devoted christian only to walk away from fundamentalist, White nationalist christianity. Ryan Mulkowski, the host of the Some Random Thoughts podcast did time on Chapel Probation to share his story of coming up through the violent IFB cult to a soul-crushing semester at Pensacola, to seminary at Liberty to fully extricating himself from the toxic cultiness of those worlds. His life is now dedicated to helping people heal and grow as their true selves.

And since it's the week before christmas, let's do a little Scott piece about the dark side of Christmas and all holidays.

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