Chapel Probation s3- Lily Rose Atherton- Lily is Winning- APU
Chapel ProbationMay 02, 2023x
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Chapel Probation s3- Lily Rose Atherton- Lily is Winning- APU

Lily was a founding member of the Sisters 9, a group of writers, musicians, and artists, who carved out a space for themselves as free-thinkers devoted to lives filled with art and exploration. Naturally, she was an enigma at a place like APU, and she quickly deconstructed her faith, replacing it with a mission to bring uncensored art to the campus through zines and an open mic event called, "The Line." Clad in a dingy pink Bunny suit, she stood before the entire school during chapel and announced her event as a place to express unfiltered thoughts and expressions. Like me, she caught the attention of the school and had to answer for it all. But Lily began distancing herself from evangelical people and all faith, even fleeing SoCal when she graduated to live completely untethered from christianity in San Francisco. Dealing with her rough upbringing and religious trauma helped her become the person, the mom, and the artist she is today.

A couple of new components to Chapel Probation in this episode: a new sketch of a "children's" bible story program (1:11:30) about a terrifying story of Zipporah and Moses. My wife Geri and my son Owen helped out. And we have some bonus content at the end of the episode.

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