Chapel Probation s3- Heather Owens: IBLP/ATI Survivor
Chapel ProbationAugust 22, 2023x
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Chapel Probation s3- Heather Owens: IBLP/ATI Survivor

Heather Owens was literally born of IBLP/ATI indoctrination, the result of her parents deciding to resume filling up their "quivers" for christs by having "reversal babies." We are grateful that Heather is here, though, and her story sheds more bad light on the IBLP/ATI world with its systemic abuse of babies and children and its shielding of powerful men who groom and assault women.

Heather may have been born with some health issues, but her three-valve heart is strong, as you'll hear. From dutiful, yet repressed, childhood to an out and proud bisexual woman living free, Heather's story will inspire all who find themselves climbing out of oppressive religious culture.

This week we have a very special Songs of My Deconstruction with the incredible music of IBLP/ATI bringing Scott back to faith, which he then rejects with demonic results.

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