084 - Erica Smith | Sex Ed & The Purity Culture Dropout
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084 - Erica Smith | Sex Ed & The Purity Culture Dropout

Meghan CrozierMeghan CrozierCo-Host
Cortland CoffeyCortland CoffeyCo-Host

This week on the pod we sit down for a conversation with Erica Smith! Erica, is an award winning sexuality educator and consultant with over 20 years of experience. Throughout her career, she has provided comprehensive sex education and advocacy to young women and LGBTQ+ youth in Philadelphia’s juvenile justice system, worked in abortion care, and supported HIV+ and transgender adolescents and their families. In 2019, she developed the Purity Culture Dropout™️ Program to help people learn all of the sex education that they missed growing up in purity culture- sex ed that is accurate, queer inclusive, trauma informed, compassionate, and comprehensive. She has since worked with hundreds of people to help them learn about healthy sexuality after high control religion.

Erica lives in Philadelphia with her partner and house full of rescue animals.

You can connect with Erica over on her website https://PurityCultureDropout.com 

And don’t forget to give her a follow over on IG and Twitter.




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