080 - Community Chat | Hanging Out With Friends of the Pod!
ThereafterApril 18, 2023x
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080 - Community Chat | Hanging Out With Friends of the Pod!

Meghan CrozierMeghan CrozierCo-Host
Cortland CoffeyCortland CoffeyCo-Host

Hosts Cortland and Meghan spend today’s episode hanging out with folx from the Thereafter community. This was a spur of the moment episode celebrating what we love most about making this podcast - the people we get to interact with. The episode is a bit chaotic, but we hope you’ll have as much fun listening as we did making it. We also hope to do this again in the future!

Special thanks to the guests that jumped in to say hello. Please check them out and follow them on social media! Here is their info:

Piper - https://twitter.com/mothsbane https://twitter.com/refuge_faith 

Peggy - https://twitter.com/Peggatha

Matt - https://twitter.com/thesnarkygent 

Jenny - https://twitter.com/SwearingsCaring

Micah - https://twitter.com/ThisMicahCarve r

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