S2.E9: Adrianne Montero Camacho- The Azusa in APU
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S2.E9: Adrianne Montero Camacho- The Azusa in APU

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Adrianne and her twin sister Analiese grew up just blocks from APU in the city of Azusa. They had no idea that the city they knew and loved had an enclave of mostly wealthy, predominantly White people who looked down on them and saw them as unsaved because they were Catholics. And unlike other BIPOC students on this podcast who found pockets of safety in the Multi-Ethnic Programs or in Haven, Adrianne struggled, at first, to find a place to just exist without judgment and condemnation. As someone who didn't speak Spanish, she didn't feel welcome in LASA. She had to hear students, faculty, and staff talk about the "dangers" of the city of Azusa outside the walls of the APU campus. She faced overt racism. And she had to  endure constant scorn and criticism of her, then, Catholic faith. 

Incredibly, Adrianne taught herself how to push back at the many layers of bigotry she faced. She engaged her classes and classmates, and she argued with her professors. In the end, the crucible that is APU molded Adrianne into a tough, compassionate person who fought for others as much as she fought for herself. 

It's a emotional ride to the end of this episode, and Adrianne shares a piece of her past self that paints APU as the bigoted, awful place it is for people like us. 

This week's Chapel Probation Players introduces Naomi Ko, an actress, writer, and filmmaker best known for her role in the film version of Dear White People and the Mortified podcast and documentary on Netflix.

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