S2.E8- Matthew- The Bad and Mean Professor Magnet (APU)
Chapel ProbationSeptember 13, 2022x
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S2.E8- Matthew- The Bad and Mean Professor Magnet (APU)

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Matthew came to APU looking like the prototypical APU man. He was a White guy from Orange County who attended a megachurch, but he came to school knowing he was not a straight man. As he navigated his faith and tried to reconcile it with his sexuality, he quickly discovered that he needed to push back at the professors spewing lies and hate at LGBTQIA people. He grew tired of the ridiculously bad academics in his liberal studies and education courses, so he took a second major in psychology to get some sense of an academic experience. It turns out pastors do not necessarily make good college professors. It also turns out the psychology department, at the time, hired and supported bigoted professors who spewed lies and evangelical bullshit. 

In this episode, Matt brings the heat with notes about all of his stories. We didn't even get to all of them, but this episode is an indictment of both the low-level academics and the bigoted views of the faculty at all evangelical schools. 

This week's Chapel Probation Players has Audrey Okamoto, Allen Okamoto (Scott's nephew), and Owen Okamoto playing APU students.

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