S2.E7: Ashley Dunston- The Woman Who Defied the Patriarchy (Vanguard University)
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S2.E7: Ashley Dunston- The Woman Who Defied the Patriarchy (Vanguard University)

Scott OkamotoScott OkamotoHost

Ashley Dunston went to Vanguard University in Orange County, California, where she realized that evangelical culture coddled and supported her abusive father more than it supported her. Women get asked to forgive abuse from men all the time, and Ashley was asked to do everything she could to reconcile with a man who didn't respect her as a person for the sake of following the "biblical" principle of family values. Along the way, Ashley began deconstructing her faith, with help from some solid professors who looked out for her, and she started to live life without evangelical fear. She eventually met, fell in love with, and married a man who supports her as she is. 

You can hear more of Ashley's story on the Profane Faith podcast here.

This week's Chapel Probation Players episode is a cringe-fest with Audrey Okamoto, Scott's daughter playing the purity culture victim role. No daughters were harmed in the production of this episode. But we did feel gross. 

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