S2.E6: Lina- The Baptism of Fire to the Rave Community Pipeline at APU
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S2.E6: Lina- The Baptism of Fire to the Rave Community Pipeline at APU

Scott OkamotoScott OkamotoHost

Lina went to APU as a newer evangelical christian and did her best to fit in and follow all the rules. Her recent conversion, though, meant she didn't know all the cultural and social references to evangelical culture. Her decision to go to South Africa for a 3-month mission trip would become a first step out of evangelical christianity as she was thrown into a culture in transition with race tensions and the AIDS crisis raging through the country. Of course APU did not prepare students for what they would encounter, and the stress of living in such blatant racism and the callous treatment of people dying of AIDS gave Lina and many others PTSD. They are still dealing with the fallout to this day. To top it off, APU had one more traumatic experience to provide Lina right after the missions work ended. 

This episode was created just before the Chapel Probation Players were formed, so we'll have them back next week.

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