S2.E32- After Hours with Ariel Climer
Chapel ProbationJanuary 17, 2023x
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S2.E32- After Hours with Ariel Climer

Scott OkamotoScott OkamotoHost

Ariel has been a big supporter of Chapel Probation as a moderator for the Facebook group and the inspiration behind in-person events. She attended APU and is connected to A Scott and Mahrs Shoppman as a housemate in the famed Synchronicity LA house, which was an intentional community formed by some APU alumni. I wanted to hear Ariel's thoughts on the podcast and her own experiences at APU, so it's kind of a hybrid episode. 

We want to hear your sexiest stories from christian or religious colleges and universities which we will feature in the upcoming anti-purity culture Valentines Day episode. You can send your story (which will be anonymous unless you want your name in it) to info@rscottokamoto.com. More info to come.

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