S2.E3: Cynthia Vacca Davis (Unnamed Bible School)- The Repugnant Adjacent Adjunct
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S2.E3: Cynthia Vacca Davis (Unnamed Bible School)- The Repugnant Adjacent Adjunct

Scott OkamotoScott OkamotoHost

Every adjunct college professor dreams of having a full-time, tenure-track position. Cynthia Vacca Davis was offered a tenured position teaching English at a small Bible College, a job that offered a good salary with benefits. The problem was, Cynthia had just agreed to be a supporter of her friend Danny, who had just come out as an intersex male after living well into his adulthood as a female. The president of the Unnamed Bible College (UBS) pretty much lost his dull, tiny mind upon hearing about Cynthia's friend and her plan to write about Danny in her MFA program. So, Cynthia had to make a choice: sign the violently anti-LGBTQIA faith statement to get the job or forego the job in hopes of finding something else. 

Evangelical schools make every student, faculty, and staff member sign statements of faith that contain all manner of indefensible garbage, and many sign it in bad faith, choosing to ignore the statement and still be in good standing at the school. I have a whole book about doing this, myself. But Cynthia couldn't bring herself to attach her name to a school that expressed such overt hatred towards so many people in the world. She has a book, Intersexion, from Lake Drive Books about her and Danny's journeys that I hope you all will buy and read. I know I learned a lot about intersex people from it.

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