S2.E22: The Worst Place for a Black Woman- An APU Staff Story
Chapel ProbationNovember 29, 2022x
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S2.E22: The Worst Place for a Black Woman- An APU Staff Story

Scott OkamotoScott OkamotoHost

This week we have our first staff person who worked at APU. My guest, a super cool Black woman who wishes to remain anonymous, worked at APU for 12 years and was beloved by students and her non-racist co-workers. But the culture of the staff at APU was ridiculously white supremacist and conservative, making most days at work unbearable. Anti-Blackness became the norm at places like APU in 2008 when Obama was first elected, and it rose to a fever pitch by the time Trump was elected. My guest endured so much racism, but she learned to push back before she finally left. The Black students had it bad at APU. The Black staff had it worse. Students were at least paying customers with some protections. There were no protections for staff like my guest today. She was literally told to take the opportunity to exercise forgiveness and grace when racist shit went down. 

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