S2.E2: Abbie and Liz part 2- The Women Who Scared the S@#$ out of APU
Chapel ProbationAugust 02, 2022x
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S2.E2: Abbie and Liz part 2- The Women Who Scared the S@#$ out of APU

Scott OkamotoScott OkamotoHost

In the second part of our almost 4-hour conversation, Abbie and Liz talked about the many ways evangelical culture oppresses women, particularly queer women and women of color. They tell stories of how they fought patriarchal systems from the inside at APU through the so-called Women's Resource Center and inside the classrooms. As we suffer through a dark time of Supreme Court activism on behalf of fundamentalist views, Abbie and Liz remind us that this fight has existed long before 2022, long before they fought the good fight at APU from 2007 to 2012, and even before that. But they also remind us that it's worth the cost to wage this war for women because so much is at stake. Evangelicals really believe women are subservient to men, and this view is dictating the very laws that govern our country. I know you will be inspired by the courage and the clarity of thought from Abbie and Liz in this episode.

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