S2.E18: Michael Smith- The Prof Who Thought it was an Academic Institution (APU)
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S2.E18: Michael Smith- The Prof Who Thought it was an Academic Institution (APU)

Scott OkamotoScott OkamotoHost

Like some professors at evangelical schools, Michael Smith came to APU assuming he would be teaching at an academic institution. He quickly learned that the school was more concerned with teaching fundamentalist and conservative lifestyles than actual academic learning. Combined with the school's obsession with criminalizing sexuality and any faith traditions outside of evangelical christianity, Professor Smith struggled to find his footing. Faculty and administration seemed wary of his Episcopalian faith and status as a single man. Things got better when he got married, but the seeds of discontent were planted. Like so many other awesome profs, he left feeling disenchanted with both evangelical higher education and christianity in general. 

The draconian treatment of LGBTQIA students, the twisted manner the school treated all sexuality, and the campus-wide internet filters which no one, not even professors, could circumvent ultimately showed Professor Smith that the school was a Sunday School first and an academic institution second.

This week's sketch features Hope and Nikki from the Biola episode that kicked off Season 2.  Along with Scott's kids, Audrey and Owen, they parody the whole internet filter situation.

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