S2.E13: Zach Malm- The Megachurch Destroyer (Seattle Pacific University)
Chapel ProbationOctober 18, 2022x
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S2.E13: Zach Malm- The Megachurch Destroyer (Seattle Pacific University)

Scott OkamotoScott OkamotoHost

Zach Malm came from a family prominent in the Vineyard church world and went to Seattle Pacific University where he was sorely disappointed in both the theological depth and the academic rigor. He ended up seeking these things at a new startup church called Mars Hill. Yes, that Mars Hill. The good news Is that Zach would eventually be credited with bringing Mars Hill down when he revealed to the world that a misogynistic asshole posting on the church website was none other than head pastor Mark Driscoll, himself. He deconstructed during the Trump era and now is a co-host of the Veterans of Culture Wars  podcast. 

You can hear more about Zach's epic tale of taking down Mars Hill Church on the Full Mutuality Podcast, and his own VCW podcast.

Bonus this week: We wrote and recorded a song. It's called, "Jesus Is Cool- A-minor Worship). We joked on the VCW podcast that there weren't any worship songs in A-minor, so we decided to write a deconstruction "worship" song. Mr. ExVangelical, himself, Blake Chastain, joined the choir at the end. The song is up on Scott's soundcloud.

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