S2.E10: Bruce Whyte- The Man Who Made His Own Space (APU)
Chapel ProbationSeptember 27, 2022x
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S2.E10: Bruce Whyte- The Man Who Made His Own Space (APU)

Scott OkamotoScott OkamotoHost

While many of the guests on Chapel Probation explored and developed their identities as they actively fought against the bigoted culture at their evangelical schools, Bruce Whyte came to APU and never felt like those movements and the spaces that birthed them were for him. But Bruce was not a typical BIPOC student at APU whose mind was colonized by whiteness. Quite the opposite. Bruce just came to APU with an already developed sense of self as a Black man whose perspectives just didn't quite match those of the student groups trying to foment a new revolution at APU. Bruce was a keen observer of what was going on, though, and he used his observations and experiences to shape who he would become as an ordained chaplain. There is so much wisdom and insight into race, the human condition, and so much compassion and empathy in Bruce today, and his negative experiences at APU played in role in Bruce's growth as a person and as a chaplain. 

No Chapel Probation Players this week. Instead I took time to honor a former colleague, Dr. Matthew Hauge, who bore the brunt of the the dysfunction and brokenness of the BIPOC community at APU. 

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