REPOST: After Hours #5 Keiko Agena (Gilmore Girls) and Shin Kawasaki- Heroes of the Asian Kids at APU
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REPOST: After Hours #5 Keiko Agena (Gilmore Girls) and Shin Kawasaki- Heroes of the Asian Kids at APU

Despite this episode containing some incredible music by Shin and the presence of Keiko, a bonafide Gilmore Girl and TV/Movie star, very few people heard this, comparatively. So before season 4 gets going, I wanted to give newer listeners a chance to hear from two of my favorite people on the planet: Shin Kawasaki and Keiko Agena.

Even as the show Gilmore Girls was winding down, Keiko Agena came to APU to participate in the first ever Asian club campus-wide event. Her husband, Shin Kawasaki came, too, joining several of our friends who came to support the Asian American students at APU. Keiko and Shin are two of my favorite people in the world, and they went on to come to APU for the next 6 years until I left. In this XL episode of After Hours, they reminisce about their memories of the events and the students, and they talk about some of the episodes of Chapel Probation. Shin's music has elevated this podcast for both seasons, and we get to hear him perform at a recent concert in Little Tokyo. 

You can support Shin's music by purchasing it on Bandcamp here.

You can purchase Keiko's book, No Mistakes: A Perfect Workbook for Imperfect Artists here.  And if you are interested in letter writing to encourage people to vote, check out Vote Forward, an organization Keiko has worked with for the past few elections.

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Music by Shin Kawasaki

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