Episode 6: Abbie and Liz- The One-Two Punch
Chapel ProbationFebruary 22, 2022x
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Episode 6: Abbie and Liz- The One-Two Punch

Scott OkamotoScott OkamotoHost

For at least 6 or 7 years, maybe more, an amazing event took place at APU (and then the Citrus College parking lot when they got booted). The LGBTQ club, first called the GSA (gay-straight alliance) and then Haven, put on a showcase of LGBTQ creativity and pride. At first, it was just called "Art Night," and it was held at the 7 Palms, an outdoor amphitheater ringed by palm trees...7 of them, I believe, though I don't think I ever actually counted. The first few years, the group was underground, and we relished the thrill of putting on an event with poetry, music, and visual art celebrating LGBTQ identities in plain sight on APU's campus. It was a brazen thing to do, since technically, we could have all been kicked out for doing it. But we did it. 

Abbie and Liz Cirelli both played significant roles in making the GSA/Haven and Art Night happen, and they both organized protests and movements to change the draconian culture and policies of APU. They made things happen by building coalitions and using them to force the administration and the culture to shift its policies and views of LGBTQ people. Badasses, both of them.

This is the first of two episodes with Abbie and Liz who will be back to continue the stories about feminism and misogyny inside APU's conservative evangelical culture. 

You can find resources for LGBTQ advocacy on christian campuses at The REAP

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