Episode 3: Dacia Taleni- The Scariest Word for EV's is...
Chapel ProbationJanuary 25, 2022x
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Episode 3: Dacia Taleni- The Scariest Word for EV's is...

Scott OkamotoScott OkamotoHost

Meet Dacia, a Black Samoan woman who could always be found in APU's social justice spaces spitting poems, singing, and clapping back at white supremacy. She looks back and talks about how she was so angry at the white evangelical culture around her while simultaneously playing along and repping the school as a Multi-Ethnic senator. She also shares the struggle students face when they come from lower socioeconomic backgrounds than the majority of students at APU. 

One of Scott's most memorable moments in his 15 years at APU came courtesy of Dacia. In her last semester, she was forced to take a freshman-level Intro to Literature class in order to graduate, so she took Scott's class. In it, she performed a poem and created a moment that will forever be cemented in Scott's (and the class's) memory. V is for victory and...

You can find Dacia's work on Instagram and her podcast about Samoan culture, The Real Tautala

Music this week by Elephants With Guns, and Azeem Kahn, in addition to Scott's original music.

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