Episode 10: Dr. Daniel White Hodge- The Best of the "Not APU Material" Profs
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Episode 10: Dr. Daniel White Hodge- The Best of the "Not APU Material" Profs

Scott OkamotoScott OkamotoHost

Dr. Daniel White Hodge survived 8 long years at APU, teaching in Global Studies and Biblical Studies. He refused to play nice with the white supremacist culture of the school, and that, as many of us know very well, makes for a tortuous experience at APU. But like many of us, Dan found and developed his identity as a Black man and as a Christian as he fought for his humanity and his place at the school. After 8 years of teaching and fighting the racist culture of the students, the faculty, and the administration, Dan was done. He has gone on to teach at other schools and his podcast, Profane Faith is in its 6th season.

I met Dan through Sammie Howell, whom you've heard in episode 4 of this podcast, and loved seeing him around campus and hanging out once in a while. He was gracious enough to come speak to APASO one night, and he scared the bejesus out of the Asian kids with his account of his experience in the LA Riots. 

But Dan is such a great ally of all marginalized peoples, including Asian Americans, and his humor and generous spirit is infectious. Through his teaching and his podcast, he is making the world a better place through dialogue and story.

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