Episdode 4: Sammie Howell- The Badass Asian Without the Chopsticks
Chapel ProbationFebruary 01, 2022x
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Episdode 4: Sammie Howell- The Badass Asian Without the Chopsticks

Scott OkamotoScott OkamotoHost

Sammie Howell was one of the progressive pillars of her class of 2010. She went from "on fire" somewhat conservative evangelical to firebrand progressive warrior in her four years at APU. From the very beginning of her experience, she found herself on the outside of APU's white, wealthy culture. After an early incident where a fellow student asked her if she knew how to use chopsticks (Filipinos don't use chopsticks for their food), she found APASO (Asian Pacific American Student Org) and began her growth into a badass leader in a sort of Multi Ethnic Org renaissance. In addition to her work and advocacy for race issues, she joined the newly formed Gay/Straight alliance, even taking great risk in lending her apartment as the secret meeting space. If we had been found out, we would have faced grave consequences, as we had members of student government, RA's, and...a faculty member at those meetings.

There is a surprise at the end of the episode that both gives a glimpse into Sammie's strength, pain, and love, while at the same time making the case that white evangelical spaces are not safe for those on the margins. 

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