Chapel Probation s3- Simon Graham- Deconstructing Whiteness and Patriarchy
Chapel ProbationNovember 07, 2023x
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Chapel Probation s3- Simon Graham- Deconstructing Whiteness and Patriarchy

I met Simon Graham during my last year at UC San Diego, and though we've rarely seen each since that year, we've kept in touch, marking our growth as people, as husbands, and as fathers in this complex world. And Simon is one of the finest humans I've had the pleasure of knowing. In the past year, we've talked about our views on race, gender, patriarchy, and all aspects of life, and I knew I wanted to have a conversation with him on Chapel Probation. Think of this as an adjacent conversation to our usual talk of religious deconstruction. We're skipping ahead from religion and just focusing on what it takes to be a good human on this planet. And Simon is winning.

Here is a link to his daughter Zeta's Youth Ted Talk.

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