Chapel Probation s3- Paul aka "The Fictitious Prof" and the Divine in Music
Chapel ProbationSeptember 12, 2023x
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Chapel Probation s3- Paul aka "The Fictitious Prof" and the Divine in Music

Paul Kirz is a classically-trained pianist and musician from Souther California who went to APU. Thankfully, his rigorous training, practicing, and performing in the Music Department kept him so busy that he didn't get the full brunt of all the usual racism, bigotry, and conservative fundamentalism of the school. And as the concept of the divine has come up in the past few episodes, Paul learned to find the divine in music and art as he deconstructed his faith. This episode features Paul's original music throughout, so be prepared to get your groove on.

Paul is part of the AAPI arts and activist community in Los Angeles and has been known to attend and perform at the Tuesday Night Cafe, Scott's beloved home community.

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Music by Paul the Fictitious Prof

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