Chapel Probation s3- Marla Taviano: From Cedarville Fundamentalist to White Girl Learning
Chapel ProbationMay 30, 2023x
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Chapel Probation s3- Marla Taviano: From Cedarville Fundamentalist to White Girl Learning

Scott Okamoto (he/him)Scott Okamoto (he/him)Host

You've probably come across Marla Taviano on Instagram or Twitter where she posts as "White Girl Learning," a book-promoting persona that focuses on BIPOC writers and authors. In this episode, Marla talks about her early days as a dedicated evangelical Christian, blissfully unaware of the bigotry and oppression BIPOC people face and her experiences and relationships that helped her see the world as it is in all its beauty and tragedy. After some missionary work and a wrenching divorce, Marla now lives a joyous life elevating marginalized voices and celebrating a life of wonder.

Today's bonus segment is another Songs of My Deconstruction where I share my love for a band called, Rush. Because of the amazing musicality and heartfelt lyrics, Rush was part of my faith journey. They were also part of my deconstruction, as I saw the world through their eyes, musically and poetically. The video I mention in the segment can be seen here.

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