Chapel Probation s3- Jon Carl Lewis- Sex Education for All of Us
Chapel ProbationSeptember 26, 2023x
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Chapel Probation s3- Jon Carl Lewis- Sex Education for All of Us

Jon Carl Lewis went to Princeton, but he sought out the repressive Christian elements he grew up with, hoping to "pray the gay away." But, he deconstructed after some horrific and lonely times to progressive forms of Christianity, eventually finding his way to leather bars in Boston and a life of sexual liberation. He has written and taught about sex and sexuality, even in largely White spaces like the Wild Goose Festival, using all of his life experiences to help others deconstruct their guilt-ridden purity culture pasts find liberation through their bodies and their sexuality.

Here are links to Jon Carl's work: - Ramblings (of a Queer, Christian Contemplative) - I'd like to let people know that I'm available to talk about anything they'd like to explore spiritually (and sexually--but not with me). First hour is free. And that's often all some people want, although I'm open to providing professional spiritual companionship on an ongoing basis.

Bonus Segment: Songs of My Deconstruction

I look back at a moment that and a concert that changed me as a young college student for the better. The Indigo Girls, "Closer to Fine."

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