Chapel Probation s3: Gail- Full Mutuality in Life and Podcasting
Chapel ProbationJuly 04, 2023x
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Chapel Probation s3: Gail- Full Mutuality in Life and Podcasting

Scott Okamoto (he/him)Scott Okamoto (he/him)Host

One of the best people I've met in the past couple years doing this work is Gail, the co-host of the Full Mutuality Podcast. I want everyone who listens to Chapel Probation to also get to know the other podcasters in our Dauntless Media group, and Gail is one of the founding members. From rough family beginnings to foster care, Gail grew up in Canada in highly religious settings. But she, like her fiance, Nate Nakao, deconstructed to become an amazing human with a heart for all people. We talk about her story and her life and perspective today.

Gail and Nate had me on Full Mutuality back in April when my book came out, and Nate was a guest here in season 2 where he talked about his time at Bob Jones. If you haven't already, you gotta get to know these great people.

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