Chapel Probation s3- A Conversation with Jo Luehmann
Chapel ProbationOctober 31, 2023x
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Chapel Probation s3- A Conversation with Jo Luehmann

I bonded with Jo Luehmann last year over our shared love of comedian Atsuko Okatsuka, and I even had the honor of introducing Jo to Atsuko. Two epic women for sure. In this bonus episode while I'm on vacation, Jo and I talk about our books while sitting on a bench in Central Park just a stone's throw from one of Turmp's towers. Jo's forthcoming book, Predatory God is due out next year, and she's currently in the editing phase, which can be a soul-crushing part of the writing process. From the haunting voices of our past selves to the patriarchal and White-dominated world we all live in, it can be tough to fight through our traumas to write a book. But Jo is doing it. She even wrote one of the endorsements for my book.

As we talked about our books, we get deep into our lives and our processes, and I hope you enjoy this candid, vulnerable conversation between to friends and writers.

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