Chapel Probation bonus segment: OK, Oppenheimer
Chapel ProbationAugust 02, 2023x
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Chapel Probation bonus segment: OK, Oppenheimer

CW: descriptions of nuclear war

I wrote a longer version of this in my substack, but here is something I wanted to say on this platform. I had to stop and regroup a few times, and I even had to omit a few lines because I just couldn't say them out loud.

But I'm not OK with Oppenheimer. I'm not saying anything against anyone who enjoyed it, as I'm sure it's a well-crafted movie. I'm just thinking big picture and how this historical figure is now viewed as an Oscar-worthy film, a complex genius, and media partner with Barbie. He's not a "destroyer of worlds" as the movie poster says. He's just a murderer of Japanese people.

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