After Hours #3 Jenny Yang- The Acclaimed Actor and Comedian Remembers...APU?
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After Hours #3 Jenny Yang- The Acclaimed Actor and Comedian Remembers...APU?

Scott OkamotoScott OkamotoHost

Before Jenny Yang became a big-time comedian and Buzzfeed sensation, before she became a writer for television, and before she was cast as one of the stars of The Brothers Sun, a Netflix dramedy starring Michelle Yeoh, Jenny was a brand new comic, looking for stage time. I had her perform at APU for the Asian club, APASO, and the head of Student Life liked her so much, he booked her for the big APU comedy night, giving Jenny her first full-length set of 45 minutes. Sure, APU was kinda pissed to later find out that Jenny was not, in fact, christian, but Jenny absolutely destroyed the audience. So much so, that I had an extra 5 or 6 students trying to crash my classes for the next few semester simply because of my association with her. 

Jenny was always so supportive of my work at APU, giving her time and talents to the APASO group, singing with my band, and doing standup. So I brought her onto Chapel Probation After Hours to reminisce our days of slogging through evening 210 freeway traffic to help out the Asian kids at APU. 

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