After Hours #2 Mahrs Schoppman- Psychotherapy for Queer Ex-Christians
Chapel ProbationNovember 10, 202200:41:2094.61 MB

After Hours #2 Mahrs Schoppman- Psychotherapy for Queer Ex-Christians

Scott OkamotoScott OkamotoHost

Mahrs Schoppman is a graduate of APU who developed his identity as both a queer person and a deconstructed christian while there. He is grateful to APU for providing an easy foil to pick apart the hollow theology of evangelicalism and for introducing him to his community of fellow queer students, with whom he is still friends to this day. He talks about his work with queer clients seeking healing from religious trauma and responds to some of the stories on this podcast. He was actually introduced anonymously in the finale of season 1 when A Scott talked about their relationship, and he shares his thoughts about Abbie and Liz's, Nate's and Ella's stories. You can find out more about Mahrs' work at

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