After Hours #1 Asha Dahya- Reproductive Rights
Chapel ProbationOctober 31, 202200:32:4174.81 MB

After Hours #1 Asha Dahya- Reproductive Rights

Scott OkamotoScott OkamotoHost

In this first episode of Chapel Probation After Hours we have Asha Dahya, a writer, filmmaker and reproductive rights activist talking about her work and her reaction to S2.E14 with Carla Godwin. We spend the time talking about the connection between the patriarchy and misogyny of Carla's experiences at Grace University and the dismantling of reproductive rights today. Asha is currently in the final week of fundraising for her short documentary, "Someone You Know" which showcases 3 stories of women desperately needing abortions and the nightmare of navigating the anti-choice landscape of today. If you're reading this description before November 8, 2022, please consider giving to the project on Asha's Kickstarter campaign at Give what you can and know you are helping the cause of women's reproductive and health rights by having these important stories get out into the world. 

You can follow all of Asha's work on Twitter at and Instagram at 

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